A large white rhino standing still among trees.
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Lake Chivero Day Trip

Yup, that’s a rhino

About 37 miles southwest of Harare is Lake Chivero National Park.  Being so close to Harare, Lake Chivero makes a perfect day trip – we went on a Sunday.

A photo of Michael and Michelle at Sam Levy's Village.
We stopped off for a quick coffee (and a selfie) on the way to Lake Chivero.

The tripadvisor page for Lake Chivero has lots of good information on it.  The park is accessible off the road connecting Harare and Bulawayo

An image of Michelle with at the entrance of Lake Chivero, with mountain in the background.
We turned off the main road that connects Harare to Bulawayo.

$3 per adult (kids are free) and $3 per vehicle is the cost of an unaccompanied game drive around Lake Chivero.  At it’s longest and widest dimensions, the lake is approximately 12 x 8 km across, and the game park is the swath of protected land surrounding the lake.

Animals roam free (up to the game gate)

The entrance fee to Lake Chivero allows visitors  to embark on an unaccompanied game drive in one’s own vehicle.  The whole day (Sunday), we saw only one other vehicle.   The drive is not all that challenging, but a 4X4 vehicle is nonetheless recommended.

A picture of Michelle and Jacqueline sitting in the Mitsubishi at Lake Chivero
Michelle handled most of the driving. Note the vehicle is a right-hand drive vehicle (wheel on the right).
A photo of Michael, with the rear of the Mitsubishi, and the Lake Chivero road.
The road is generally decent, but having a 4X4 with high clearance is helpful.
A photo of the signage at the entrance to Lake Chivero.
The park does not provide maps, so we took a photo of the sign with our phone.

The Animals at Lake Chivero

The animals at Lake Chivero, all of which roam free, impressed us.  We saw monkeys, ostrich, gazelle, and beautiful bird life.

A photo of three ostrich.
Three ostriches
A photo of female gazelles
Female gazelle in the fields.

By far, the white rhino was the most impressive.  The lady at the entrance gate had mentioned that there were white rhino at Lake Chivero, and we were eager to spot one.  We had been searching for one all day.  At about 2:00 p.m., as we were driving through a rather nondescript section of the park, we looked to our right and saw what appeared to be a large grey boulder.  We stopped our vehicle, and the thing began to slowly move.  It was unmistakeable – it was the white rhino!  It was just about as large as our SUV.

A large white rhino standing still among trees.

Michelle took a little stroll up to the rhino to get a better look…

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