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Trip to Rabigh Beach

A Trip to Rabigh Beach

Coming to Saudi Arabia, we did not know what challenges we would face moving around outside of the city limits of Jeddah.  This video tells the story about a trip our family took to a deserted beach known as Rabigh Beach, which is about 125 miles north of Jeddah.  It is located north of the Petro Rabigh facility, and requires off road driving.

4 thoughts on “Trip to Rabigh Beach

  1. ooh where is the exact location of that beauty I’v been in Jeddah for long time and never heard of it before gladly i found your amazing trip story

    1. Roughly 22.877161, 38.892121 . It’s an approximately 20km peninsula north of the Petro Rabigh worker’s compound. You have to drive around the compound to get there, and continue north on sand for 5 or 6 km.

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